Our Mission


mPower is a cold storage startup trying to revolutionize agriculture and all the lives it touches.

We think that wasted crops are wasted opportunities. There's a problem with how many crops are wasted in India's agricultural supply chain, and we see that millions of lives are negatively affected as a result. As a social enterprise, we care about more than fulfilling financial targets: we want to fulfill people. We want to see a fruitful world in all senses: a world where produce grown is produce sold, where children go to bed with full stomachs, where farmers and marginalized communities are truly financially empowered. We want to double farmer incomes and reduce crop waste by 10% by 2022 and feed the world, one farm at a time.


Our Team



Saheel Chodavadia

Saheel is a thinker with an analytical mind. He has been heavily involved in vulnerable population economic development and policy reform, working alongside different governments and the United Nations to inform protectionary and preventionary policy around the world. 



Sherry is passionate about merging technology and social impact. She scaled a microfinance startup to 12 states and 6 countries, and has since grown deeply passionate about community development ever since spending a summer teaching entrepreneurship to Indigenous teems in the Australian Outback. 




Harsh is an innovator who has worked extensively in the energy and agriculture sector, leading energy efforts at Duke as president of the Energy Club. He cares about merging sustainable technology with business opportunities, and his diverse background in engineering, economics and energy allow him to find these interdisciplinary solutions.



Jason is a futurist with a huge passion for designing technology that motivates social and political change. With a background in conservation technology and having built products at Facebook that reach millions around the world, Jason is an avid explorer of how small details can shape and affect the cascading impacts of any company.

In the News

"[They know] firsthand of energy access challenges and inefficient agricultural processes in [India]" — Duke Today

"mPower was especially equipped to answer this year’s challenge on energy because of their involvement in the energy space at Duke" — India West