Why Farms?

Farms are the seeds of all growth. 

At mPower, we think that, without productive farms, we can't have productive people. Over 60% of India's workforce is somehow involved with the agricultural space, meaning that the magnitude of change here is massive. Even a small difference to the supply chain can ripple to affect millions of lives.


Here's the Problem

India's cold chain is incredibly underdeveloped, leaving farmers stuck in a exploitative supply chain and crops out to rot.



Manish reached out to us after half his strawberry crop spoiled in a heat wave without cold storage. Without profits from these crops, Manish has to take out loans with the local middleman to finance his seeds and fertilizers for next year: he's been indebted to middlemen for five years now. He couldn't sell his strawberries earlier because their prices at mandi were far lower than the profit he deserved: farmers in India make on average just 1/3 of what is recommended in fair, cooperative pricing models. A lack of cold storage robs farmers of the chance to hold off for better prices.


Gautam comes from Uttar Pradesh, where cold storage does exist, but only for potato. Units sell for over 15 million rupees here, massive units few small scale farmers have the disposable income to pay for-- the average rural farmer makes just over 120,000 rupees per year. As a result, these units are almost only used by Pizza Hut! Farmers in his area are hesitant to bear the hefty cost of refrigerating a volatile crop and are thus forced to take massive losses to crop value.